A Comprehensive Guide on the Top 5 Things to Do Near Arch Street

Home to some of the famous landmarks, such as the Girard Fountain Park, Betsy Ross House, Christ Church Burial Ground, and many more, Arch Street, the east-west connector of Philadelphia, is one of the most important streets of the city. Previously called Mulberry Street and later renamed as Arch, this place attracts thousands of tourists every year, thanks to some of the popular destinations nearby. See here to know the top five things to do near Arch Street.

1. Visit the Betsy Ross House

Betsy Ross wove the first stripes and stars in the American flag. The government, after she passed away, honored her by turning her house into a memorial. Today, The Betsy Ross House stands as one of the most prominent landmarks of Arch Street. From 18th century fabric to Betsy Ross’ handcrafted items, you will see hundreds of artifacts displayed in her house. Make sure you reach early because there is usually a long queue to enter. Tour her house and also attend an interactive program where the guides tell you about the life and time Betsy Ross.

2. Visit the United States Mint

Want to see how machines produce 1.5 million coins per hour? Head over to the United States Mint and get your mind blown. Only four minutes from the Arch Street Meeting House, the United States Mint is one of the most popular tourist attractions because people want to see how machines can make coins so fast. It will make you remember the proverbial money-tree. Again, try to make it to the ticket counter as early as possible. Hundreds of tourists come to see the mint every day. Therefore, get in early as it is a self-guided tour.

3. Go Shopping at Sugarcube

A trip to Arch Street is incomplete without shopping. Your family will love Sugarcube because it is a hub for all-American products. Clothes, accessories, wallpapers, jewelry – you name it. In fact, it is one of the largest shopping stores in Philadelphia. The store has a rustic touch with walls designed as if it were the 17th century. Apart from the wide range of clothes, you can also get some are magazines, covering a variety of topics, such as travel and leisure, fashion, education, etc. Make sure you have enough cash because you may want to buy everything that you set your eyes on here.

4. Take a tour with Philadephia Urban Adventures

Arch Street has lots of tourist spots around that you may not know of. You will find many local tourist guides taking groups of tourists for a Philadelphia Urban Adventure. Depending on what you want to visit, you may talk to one of the guides and hit the roads. For example, some tours include bars and brewing history and teaching beer crafting techniques while other tours may take you around the historical places. This is the best way to explore around Arch Street as you can cover most of the popular tourist destinations in one day.

5. Walk inside the Mikveh Israel Cemetery

Although you may question the reason for keeping this is the top-5 to-do list near Arch Street, you should experience the walk to understand why the locals rate this place so highly. With a lush green landscape, the Mikveh Israel Cemetery is one of the most peaceful places in Philadelphia. There is hardly any person talking. You will only listen to the chirping of birds and the rustling of tree leaves here.

Now that you have an itinerary of the things to do near Arch Street, pack your bags and head to this historical place in Philadelphia.

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