What is the best Window film for home windows?

Are you looking for the best window film for home windows? ProShield Glass Tinting, LLC can help choose the best window film for your home. Window films are micro-thin layers of polyester or vinyl films that are directly applied to the glass of the home or vehicle window. It’s an economical way of reducing glare, utility bills, and enhancing your privacy. Window films will add a decorative touch to your home windows.

Window films will block radiant heat and help keep hot air out of your home during the hot and humid summer months. It reduces the workload of the air conditioner in your home and saves money in the process. Likewise, a quality window film will retain heat inside the house in colder months and help reduce your heating bills. That’s why you need to invest in window films for your home. This article provides information on the best window films for your home windows.

Window films come in different types with each type providing different benefits. Some window films are designed to block UV rays and keep out the heat during summer months. Some other window films are designed to enhance your privacy and the strength of the windows. There are window films that enhance the decorative aspect of your home. Here are some of the window films available for your home:

Decorative Window Films

Decorative window films enhance the looks and feel of your windows. It offers the look of etched, frosted, stained or textured glass. This type of film can block UV rays up to 90% and offer important privacy benefits. These films are removable and reusable. But decorative window films don’t offer significant heat protection.

Privacy Window Films

These films are ideal for homes by the side of the streets. It prevents people from being able to see in from outside. The film has a frosted or reflective surface that is available in varying degrees of darkness. The film reduces the amount of light a room receives. If you need more privacy in your home, you should opt for this type of window film.

Heat – Ultra Violet – Window Films

This type of window film saves money on heating and cooling costs. It blocks up to 99% of UV rays as well as 80% of solar heat. It reduces glare and the amount of light a room receives. Selective UV films are more expensive but will help protect against heat and UV rays. That’s why you need to invest in UV window films for your home.

Security Window Films

Security window films offer increased shatter resistance. It helps protect your home against intruders. This type of film is also beneficial if you live in an area that experiences strong storms or natural disasters. The film will hold the glass fragments in place if the window is broken. If you want more protection for your home, you should invest in security window films for your home.

Applying a window film to your window isn’t the best DIY project. It’s better to leave it to the professionals. That’s where ProShield Glass Tinting comes in handy. The company provides exceptional window tinting services to all customers in the area. They specialize in energy control window films that help reduce heat absorption, protect furniture/curtains, reduce UV light, increase privacy/security, and prevent glare. You should call the company if you want to block that annoying sun and protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Are you searching for the best window films for your home? The aforementioned article provides information on the best window films for your home windows.

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