Why are AC units on top of houses in Las Vegas

When you travel to Las Vegas you’ll notice that most buildings have air conditioning units on their roofs. If you plan to settle in Las Vegas, your ac repair services company would recommend you relocate your HVAC unit to the rooftop. Keep in mind that air conditioning units need proper circulation and ventilation in areas that have a hot climate like Las Vegas. Whether you’re getting a new air conditioning system or you just simply want to relocate your existing AC unit, it’s important to know the benefits of rooftop AC systems.

In Las Vegas, the heat can be unbearable so you have to ensure that your air conditioning system functions well. If you have an AC unit for your entire home then you have a centralized cooling system. This system will be installed in your roof and then channeled through a series of pipes all throughout your property. A centralized system allows your home to stay cool even during hot days.

Why Should Your Air Conditioning Be At Your Rooftop?

Did you know that rooftop air conditioning offers a plethora of benefits? According to experts, when your air conditioning is on top of your house, the air circulates better, easier, and faster owing to the routing of the cool air. A rooftop AC system doesn’t have to work twice as hard to achieve your home’s desired temperature.

What Are the Benefits of Owning an AC Rooftop System?

A rooftop system effectively cools your home. It also circulates cool air throughout your home while getting rid of warm air. Having a rooftop system also increases your property’s equity. Furthermore, it increases the appeal of your residence.

A rooftop air conditioning system will turn warm air in your home into cold air. When you have a rooftop system, the system doesn’t have to get rid of the warm air as much since the cool air moves through the place naturally.

Did you know that having a rooftop air conditioning unit will also save you money since it’s energy-efficient? This means you’ll be spending less on your next power bill.

Enhanced functionality and money-saving features are not the only factors that will convince you to get rooftop ac systems.

Aside from its money-saving features and enhanced functionality, maintenance is also easier with rooftop air-conditioning systems. This is an advantage because if in the event a problem occurs with your unit, repairs can be done quickly and easily. Its location makes it accessible for service checks and maintenance. This is especially helpful for busy people who have a tight schedule.

The problem with non-rooftop systems is that they are all over the place. Your AC repair team will have to do repairs outside and inside your home, making it extremely challenging to find the source of the problem, perform repairs, and do maintenance checks. With a rooftop system, you are eliminating complications because everything is found in one place.

Aside from being able to maintain a roofing system, there are also plenty of small and compact AC units. This enables your unit to work faster and better enabling cool air to circulate in your home while eradicating warm air.

How Do You Maintain Rooftop Air Conditioning Units?

There are several guidelines you need to follow when maintaining rooftop air conditioning systems. Included in these guidelines are making sure your AC unit is maintained and serviced regularly. Checkups and servicing are essential in maintaining the quality of your air conditioning system.

If you’re not mindful of your rooftop AC system, you are likely going to encounter system issues sooner or later. Although air conditioning units are designed to last a long time, they are not invincible and they can break down if you fail to maintain them. Regular checkups and servicing will protect your cooling systems from premature wear and tear. It’s important to mention that all cooling systems have a designated lifespan but you can beat the odds if you are diligent in monitoring their performance and usage.

What is included in your system checks? Check the outside of your cooling system. Make sure you regularly replace the indoor filters of your unit. Take the time to clean the condenser and evaporator coils. It’s also important to maintain the inlet screen, do routine fan inspection as well as check for bet tightening. Inspecting these regularly will help increase the lifespan of your unit. Not only that, but it will also save you money on unnecessary repairs and energy use.


There you have it, the benefits of having your AC unit on your rooftop. If your cooling system isn’t on top of your house, maybe now is the best time to consider moving it.

Michael Hope is the founder of M&K Heating and Cooling Services. Michael’s experience has always been in the mechanical fields. In 1991, Michael moved to Nevada to work at the Nevada Test Site in the drilling operations for the nuclear testing facilities. After the Nuclear test treaty was signed in 1992, Michael retrained in the HVAC/R field and has been doing it since. Michael is currently NATE (North American Technical Excellence) certified. This is the only nationally recognized certification in the HVAC field.